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Feel Better in Your Body


When I posted a picture to Facebook comparing the breakfast I'd made for my boys to the one I'd made for myself (insert sad face) after starting a strict elimination diet, friend and pro food photographer, Brooke Lark messaged me: "Can I follow this diet with you?"

I'd landed here in an effort to correct severe chronic pain, but couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through no-grains, no-gluten, no eggs, no nightshades, no sugar - just because.

But Brooke wanted in. And the more we started sharing our combined experiences, the more others wanted to join. And so, we decided, not ONLY, to write a cookbook that would lead everyone through a real food plan that answers the tough question: What in the world can you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? But we are starting a clean-eating support group as well.  Want to join?


Our goal and mission is to help YOU feel better in your body and have the support needed to get to that place. I have been through the gamut with diet changes and elimination diets, all in the name of health. I even went vegan for a long long time—talk about hard. I understand every part of it--down to the emotions that gurgle up when you walk away from gorgeous, sugar-coated, incredibly soft, pillowy, melt-in-your-mouth donuts. (Am I enticing you yet?) 


You can participate as little or as much as you want. I have to be 100% with my own diet, but you get to choose what you want to eliminate or change. In the group we will not only discuss other healthy food options, but we will offer a listening ear and a push in the tush, when needed. The group is designed to make transitioning to a healthy, whole foods diet, a little bit easier. There are so many options.


For self-led clean eating, you can purchase the cookbook and journal anytime. Just click on the images below and we'll ship them straight you your front door.  

  US $29.99,  Softcover

US $29.99, Softcover

 US $14.99, Softcover

US $14.99, Softcover


To join the next 28-Day Challenge, complete with daily coaching, support, weekly menus and shopping lists, enter your info below and I'll email you when we kick off the next go' round!