How to Create Healing

I have never considered myself a creative person. When I think of creative I think of arts and crafts and the thought of arts and crafts makes me sweat.

Big time. Not calming for me at. all.

Plus I have no skills in that area.

A couple years ago I was freshly separated and at the time I was also dealing with debilitating pain. Pain that made my very existence…..daunting.

It was then that I remembered that I loved to write.


I started a blog and I wrote about the pain. I found IMMEDIATE catharsis.

As it turns out I do not hold back in my writing. It’s my safe place. When I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) the flood gates open and it ALLL flows. It usually comes from a very visceral place.

I allow myself to transcribe how I feel in great detail because that helps me make sense of what I'm feeling. It helps me release all that pent-up emotion that is holding me back and I find I am able to work through and process so much when I can make sense of what I’m feeling--who knew??

Being creative doesn't mean one specific thing. If you are using your brain, your hands, your food, your keyboard, your camera, your voice, your body, your paintbrush…and so on and so forth to create then you are fostering a healthy flow of movement and healing throughout your body.

Maybe you don't even know it. And maybe you do. Get those juices flowing. You may be surprised at what you come to heal within yourself.