When Life Doesn't Turn out the Way You Planned

2016-07 Ericka 74-5200.jpg

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. -Unknown

Never in a million years would I have pictured my life the way it is now.

Sometimes, it still feels surreal that I have been so debilitated by physical pain for so long. (And compared to other people--4 years isn't that long.)

I complain, I vent, I cry, I send texts to my besties about how hard it is to wake up to this every day.

A lot of days I feel pretty damn weak. Not physically weak, but emotionally.

Like I should be able to handle this without tantrums and breakdowns and Dear God, why me's??


One day I realized that.is.how.I.handle.it. With breakdowns and tantrums and DearGodwhyme???.

Not every day. Not all day long.

But when I am overwhelmed with the pain or my to-do list or my emotions I allow myself the luxury of feeling it then letting it all go. I'm not an unhappy person.

Most of the time I am #positive and #upbeat and #goofy. Most of the time I am #capable and #strong and I really do look at myself as a #warrior.

But every now and again I let myself crumble, just enough to purge the hurt. And then I pick myself up, hold my head high, and move my feet forward.


Guys, I WILL get through this. And the person I end up becoming--won't even resemble the person I started out being.