The Truth About Miracles

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and be in THE PLACE.

The Place I've been working, waiting, wishing, so hard to be in.

Where everything is easy again, where my body functions at a normal level. Where life has finally fallen into a peaceful, productive, place.


But alas, no finger snapping can bring about the changes that still need to happen. And really, when I think about it, that's ok.

Because it's here-where I am right now and where I've been before-that matters.

It's here in this present moment and in the past, that true soul changes have occurred, and are still occurring, and have yet to occur.

I suppose this is the way things work. We keep pushing ourselves to get to THE PLACE, all while becoming THE PERSON who can handle being there in all it's-I can't believe it's finally here-glory.

We will always continue to change, grow, and progress with each new chapter, each new plot twist, each step backwards, and each step forward. Crickey, maybe that, in and of itself, is the true miracle.