Know Thyself

I am a huge advocate for getting to know thyself. Because I lived so many years of my life not knowing who I really was.

I just lived life the way I was told to live it. Not having opinions or thoughts of my own because I didn't have to; everything was already laid out for me.

Once I left my religion a whole new life opened up to me. I realized I had my own thoughts and opinions--and if I didn't--I could! I could decide for myself if something was right or wrong--for me. It has changed everything. My whole view of life; my whole view of myself. 


I have honestly come to know and love who I am. And the most amazing thing about that I can choose to be or believe or do anything that tickles my fancy. I can have experiences that help me grow.

I can say, "Yes, that works for me" or "Nope, not ever gonna do that again." And walk away, feeling empowered that I was able to have that experience and make that choice--instead of feeling guilt and shame.

I felt guilt and shame for so so long. For nothing. For not doing enough or being good enough, or worthy enough.

The whole time I was worthy enough. I just had to break free from what wasn't working for me to be able to see my true worth.

My true self.

It's one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself. And had I not left, I would have never come to be (or know) the me I am now.