Brave and Strong and Broken

2016-07 Ericka 92-5269.jpg

I sometimes have wallow moments. Things get hard and I crawl into my little cave and have my pity party. I call my sisters, text my friends, and contemplate if I am strong enough to get through the hiccup of the moment. Once I get all the whiny, poor me, why me, when will this end(?) out of the way, I pull myself together and get shit done. I get it done. It might not be how most people do it, it might not be the best way, but it gets done. And today, I found a way to fix a little problem I've been having. 

Give yourself permission to have a weak moment. To contemplate just how you are going to get through your current situation. Cry, vent, throw a tantrum. And then when you get it all out, pull yourself together and get back on track. 

I am brave. And strong. And (a little) broken (it's ok I can admit it) but damn, I'm proud of how far I've come. 

Be proud of you too. .

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