On Being Alone

There is something that draws me to the beauty in being alone.

The simple perfection of not having to rely on anyone else for comfort, for peace, for happiness.

To me, alone equals darkness. Not a dreary darkness. But a fulfilled, placid darkness. A darkness I have come to know, appreciate, and even welcome. A darkness where only I exist. Where I don’t have to take care of anyone, or anything. Where I can feel, do, and be whatever I want...in that moment.

Where I can be true with my thoughts, my words, my actions. It’s where I have come to know who I am beneath the surface, beneath everything I was ever taught and told that I was supposed to be.

Alone is where I have reconciled so many hurts, so many disappointments, so many fears.

It’s where I have gained my power; and learned to love myself.

To me-being alone is my reward. It’s my proclamation of, “I DID IT!”

And I really did do it. I learned to love me. I learned to be my friend. I learned to have compassion, for me. It’s my reward for making it through the constant battlefields of growth, of change, of hardship.

I can be with me.

I can love who I am.

And I can embrace the beautiful, sparkly darkness that comes with being one with alone.