I was FaceTiming my boys in a parking lot outside the yummiest organic cafe that has become my favorite place to eat; and we kept losing the signal. When it happened this particular time I was staring at the assurance that we were, in fact, reconnecting and the words, "story of my life," popped in my head.

I started thinking about how often I have to stop and check myself and ask, am I connected to Self? Am I connected to my boys? Am I connected to reality? Am I connected to life, my intuition, my purpose???

It's taken three-and-a-half years of all the emotional hurt and pain that comes with separation and divorce coupled with all the physical hurt and pain that came with my health issues for me to FINALLY come to KNOW my purpose. AND to have the courage to start to live it.

In order for me to continue to have the courage to create my life, my career, my miracles, I continuously HAVE to be reconnecting with me and making sure that everything I do is in alignment with my purpose and falls under the category of, "Hell yes!!"

It ain't easy. There are plenty of distractions along the way (ie. self-doubt, fear, dating, donuts that I can't eat, and the likes) but it's time to stay connected, I got a life to create.